Ask @leighloveslife_:

What do you miss?

I love my life, because I do what I really like to do: sing and perform for you, but honestly sometimes I just miss the old times when nobody knew who I am and if I can sing. Some of your questions are really private and I really don't want to answer them, but it happens that you don't understand that you interfere in my privacy and that's what annoys me. I understand that you want to know how am I or other things, but remember that I'm still human and I need some privacy. Sometimes I really want to be a normal, young woman and go somewhere without paparazzi, but I know that making dreams come true requires sacrifices. The truth is that I chose my way in life and I'm proud I can be who I am now. I miss my privacy but I wouldn't change my life, because I have my girls, new friends and my amazing mixers. Maybe my life isn't perfect, but I love it the way it is.

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Believe in yourself. Remember how far you have come.?

I always believe in myself and I think everyone should do it. If we believe in ourselves we can do absolutely everything we want to. We can make our dreams come true, but we have to be sure what we want in life. We should be confident and never give up on something that we really want. My dear mixers, each of you should believe that you'll achieve everything you dream about and remember that the strength is deep inside you, you just have to find it. I love you all ? -xLeigh

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#AskLeigh would you rather be ugly and rich or hot and poor

Honestly for me it doesn't matter. I prefer to be a good person to everyone. It's a bad word "ugly" because everyone is beautiful on their own unique way. Money won't give you happiness if you don't know what love or friendship is. It's not about look, it's about soul. The most valuable things are deep inside everyone of us. It doesn't matter if I'd be ugly, rich, hot or poor, because I would be nobody if I didn't feel loved, happy and proud of who I am.

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