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If you could change your skin color to anything outside of the natural palette of skin colors, what color would you choose?

nothing that'll be weird O.o

If you were a farmer, what would you grow?

some corn, grass pineapple, weed, trees, potato , weed um grain and weed. shit nah it'll just be a weed farm fuck day food. I will also sell chips in case we get da munchies

I cheated of your test and I got an 89 and you got a 93 u stupid shit

how am I stupid must've copied wrong... lol try harder next time ! (:

I don't you kiss her ass

That's not sanitary. stop asking me all these weird questions that aren't even questions they are statements indeed a**hole

Let me see a pic of u and your sis cuz I don't believe she's white that's weird.

it's called we're adopted... men, shoot
Let me see a pic of u and your sis cuz I dont believe shes white thats weird


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