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looking for ?

sexy tomboy in rio or shargeya :$

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3 thing you love about yourself ?

my bob's
my big ass
my lips :$

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Whats Your Prefect Date?

LeChelle Young

started with a kiss and ended with a kiss

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3ndk gf? + ay mdrasa? w km 3umrk?

nah + mamlka scl + 18

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Ummm I'll send my email and don't publish please ;$ I'm the one who asked u " do u accept boys " ;$


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6yb mmkn t36eni pin boyat les :D plz !

okay =)

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Do u accept boys ;D


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yllll3n shklllk 5ggga

ish y3ny anzl ?

as2li omk

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bosyli nfsk

kaif =))

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el3umr kla ya muzza <3_<3

Ma fkrty t5awy CUTE ;$

la :s

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ana boya goleely 3umrk 3shan a3rf

وععع الانحراااف

:( !

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km 3umrk ?

elly tben !

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ana w7da mara muzza oo be'9a oo abekii bs keeef ?

Keef eesh ya muzza :p ?

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This is your description of yourself in one word ? :*

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ur email ?


Eesh feh o:)

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te7obe te5awi banat cute wla bs boyat? wla el ethnen?

Yf'9l boyat ;p

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