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would you date a woman w an OF?

VivreEnPaix’s Profile PhotoRC
Interesting question but to answer that I prefer men but I like to have fun with girls to dating a maybe
would you date a woman w an OF
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checking in and checking up on you ! how do you feel today ? 💌

arrrby’s Profile PhotoRare Essence
Aww we’ll I’m doing good and feeling good that’s what’s important hope your night goes well
checking in and checking up on you   how do you feel today

Are you a clingy gf/bf?❤️

I am a clingy girlfriend but it’s nothing bad at all it means I care about you a lot in my opinion or my perspective
Are you a clingy gfbf

What is/was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject when I was in school probably was science,physics, and chemistry
What iswas your favorite subject in school

someone take my brain. i’m tired of worrying & overthinking. :/

VivreEnPaix’s Profile PhotoRC
Worrying and overthinking is normal but try not to do it to often because overthinking can cause insecurities and damage to your own self
someone take my brain im tired of worrying  overthinking

If you suddenly found out your partner of 1 year was from a royal family but refuses to accept the inheritance, would that effect your relationship in any way? How?

JasonDynasty’s Profile PhotoFluffy Snowtail
No I believe that it wouldn’t effect love because loving someone is something wonderful and has nothing to do with status
If you suddenly found out your partner of 1 year was from a royal family but

Me+ you=date?

Aww sorry but I’m technically talk to someone and there starting to become something important in my life
Me youdate

Yooo homie u doing okay?

Don’t be disrespectful someone clearly needs to teach you proper ways to how to talk to someone with respect and be polite
Yooo homie u doing okay

You have been selected to go to battle. The item closest to you on your right is your weapon. What is it?

NastyJelly’s Profile PhotoAntiqueWhale
It would probably be a knife or a pan that I would use like I’m rupenzel haha 😂

Be honest from day 1, or hide your past for a year first?

Well I’m nice and caring and I’m respectful that’s me being honest I always have this phrase treat others the way you would like to be treated

🥕 What is the last thing you ate?

The last thing I ate today was some granola with yogurt and some strawberries and bananas for breakfast and for lunch I had a grilled chicken cesar salad and for snack I had some ice cream but I replace it with cool whip and that’s technically my ice cream since I limit my calories

Do people talk bad about you?

Yes and it’s normal just like all the people but some just tend to be fake and others straight forward

whats ur number

I don’t give out my number first tell me about yourself and then I’ll decide if I give you my number or not

Loved a girl that ended up caring more about money than happiness, Should that bother me?

No because money is not the most important thing in life I believe love is the 1 thing in life

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