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You're welcome☺️ and no no you are😏😉

Braden Schmidt

Whatever you say😉😂

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Tbh? You're such a cutie😍 it was pretty lame you had to leave cause you had a curfew😉and yet you said I'm the baby😉 but we need to hangout more often (:

Braden Schmidt

Thank ya 😉 but you are a baby, always will be😏 and I agree!

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We should? Talk more and hangout sometime because you're a great person and very cute :)

Darian Romero

Thank you :) and yess! Hit me up when you're not too cool?😏💁🏽

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Pap of Snapchat Streaks?

Do you have Kik?

Single? Age?

Yes. 16.

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Any song requests for turnabout dance?

La cucaracha

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Plans tonight?

Hopefully hang with friends again :)

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Thoughts on Johny cheating on Alycia with Aneesa? After he was just baptized?

It's not my business nor is it yours

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Tbh.. youre like soooo pretty! we really need to try and like hangout forreals though 😂

Ayanna Iyamu

Thank :) and for'reals! Lol

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Like for a rate? (1-5)🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

You're all 3's. Except the ones I like, you can be 5's

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Tbh to first 10 likers?!👻


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Are you looking for a relationship?

90% text me ya butt

Braden Brown.

❤️ okkay punk

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@GingerWesson asks, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?"


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TBH you're gorgeous and seem so nice and funny be my friend :)

Thank you doll❤️ okay we're friends now :) lol

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You seem kinda stuck up.

okay I'm sorry you feel that way but I'm not😂

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They think you're beautiful! But like they're scared to tell you!! I'm sure he's gonna tell you soon tho!!😁


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I know someone who likesssss you!!😁

👍 who is this?😂

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I mean... are you seeing anybody?!😅

it's dark.. so no

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Are you talking to anyone??

no, everyones asleep

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Haha we almost danced tonight😂😂👌🏻

Haha I don't know who you are! 😂

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Thoughts on Johny and alycia

They're both great people and super fit💪 I hope they're good for each other!

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What’s your favorite creature?

this one I suppose

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Plans after high school?


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