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I'd say that to Levi, you don't know how 2 treat a girl right if she saw that she'd break up with u I'm just sticking up for my Bestfriend I love her and don't want u hurting her

First, it's funny that you stalked me and second it was a joke so calm down

U shouldn't be calling other girls boo when u have a girlfriend. Ur such a player

Haha it was a joke it's one of my friends friends

if I checked ur phone right now I bet a lot of girls shit would be on it. Just treat her right and make sure she knows u love her Levi

I'm actually not texting any girls or have pictures of any girls on my phone.
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U say you'll treat her right but you're not. I think she even knows that but she's not admitting it because she loves u but she doesn't know u love her back

If I wasn't treated her right she wouldn't love me and I think she knows I love her back!
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U are such a man whore you know that right. Mckinnlie should just break your heart so you know how it feel because that's all you're doing to her

Haha how am I doing that to her?
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You don't know me, or my intentions mister! I know exactly why I put the stars. -_-

I'm sorry Ms.Lederman would you please inform me why you put the stars?

Aye, listen here "big boii". I put the stars there for a reason.

Haha I'm not gonna say your nickname but you put that stars because they spelt it wrong! So have a nice day!✌️

They're calling you an idiot when they spelled **Mckinnlie wayyy wrong.. Hahah.

Haha you spelled it wrong the first time too so you have no room to talk


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