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Thoughts on new Fender HM Strat?

It's a nice reissue with great pickups but the scale and radius are uncommon (25" / 17") - not sure how these will appeal to those accustomed with typical Stratocaster guitars. Quality is topnotch overall (made in Japan like the original HM Strats) but why they went with a Floyd Rose "Special" trem is beyond me. This is the only weak point. Try it out and if the trem feels like sh!t (it probably will), rip it out and upgrade with a better Floyd. Other than that, the guitar is fine and affordable at around $1,200:

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The value of that product to you is ultimately what determines whether or not you will buy it, and that can only mean the total price. Buyers do not divide the price of something up in the way a supplier would divide them. The thing is worth $X to buy it or it is not, wouldn't you agree?

The value is to be considered but what ultimately determines my purchase is if the product meets my needs - which has little to do with the price since I will gladly spend more on something which will serve me better. My purchasing decisions are not swayed by slick advertising campaigns and I shouldn't have to pay for them. Wise consumers would certainly examine the costs - at least, those of us who value money. I can't speak for the rest. Items are worth whatever consumers determine. The market sets the price - not the manufacturers.

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