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I love it when your on your period and your cramps feel like someone is stabbing you 10 million times

I've never gotten cramps so I wouldn't know

It's actually so funny how u thought the hockey boys liked u???

I never said they did haha they are all just friends

The justin that isn't gay

He's my best friend and I had feelings but not anymore I don't want to ruin our friendship

If you had to defeat a man with just one hit,what would you do???

Punch him in the balls
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Fill it out Single Or Taken: Full Name: Nickname: Do you miss your last relationship: Ex you would take back: IPhone or Android: Last Person I texted : Birthday: Last song I Listened To: Height : What mood are you in rn? :

Single or taken: talking to someone
Full name: Alexandra Kamla Panchal
Nickname: Sexy Lexi or lessie panchal
Do I miss my last relationship: Not at all
Ex I would take back: I only have one and I wouldn't take him back ever again
iPhone or android: iPhone
Last person I texted: My sister
Birthday: June 29
Last song I listened too: broccoli
Height: 5"7
Mood right now: happy
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