Ask @lexih919:

you are just mad that I am right

You making no fucking sense. You tell me to move on and leave you alone which I did and now the tables turned. I moved on and I’m in a relationship now. Now you are trying to find every possible way to contact me. Like making fake Snapchat accounts and now this? Why are you mad at me for moving on? That’s what you told me to do. Like why are you still trying to contact me?

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been on record saying you go after looks and money... just got over an obsession.. now with some guy that ugly af but big house that looks like it's from green ridge

No I understand what you’re getting at. You’re saying how I liked someone in the past who was good looking and who was a preppy. Now I’m in a relationship with someone who isn’t the best looking. Which isn’t my type. Listen he changed my views on the looks shit. In my eyes I think he is cute and he has an amazing personality and treats me right. If you understand the mind games Christian played with me you would get why I want to move on. You’re just mad that I’m actually now in a relationship with someone who makes me happy and doesn’t play mind games and is there for me no matter what. So stop trying to make me feel like nothing I do is good enough and making me live in fear. Let me fucking heal high school is over. Stop criticizing me for moving on from a toxic person. Let me live my life.

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