Ask @lexileid:

Do you ever feel like you’re leading a secret life?

Honestly no, because some things I wish could’ve been kept private aren’t and there’s nothing I can do about it...
In the end, I know my truth and the reality of the way things have happened. Nobody really knows me, yet they seem to think they do, but trust me they don’t. Idea vs. Reality is a real thing and there’s a broad difference between the two.
In the social media sense, yes because I don’t really use social media because I don’t care about likes, followers, comments, etc. Also, I prefer to live my life in peace and unaffected by the media. Mental health always comes first for me.

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What is the difference between a school and a college? Where is it better to study?

A college is a type of school, more specifically a two to four year higher education institution based off which degree you intend to pursue, whether it be an associate’s or bachelor’s.
School consists of pre-k, elementary, middle, high school, college, and homeschool.
I personally believe not everyone is a college type of person. Therefore, taking the career route is sometimes the better option. Although, I will say for some career paths you may need a degree, while others you don’t. It’s all up to you and what you decide to do with your future.
I have learning disabilities, so I made sure to commit to a college that is known for their amazing learning support services, let alone offers the major I am interested in pursuing a career in.
I won’t lie to you, academics are tougher for me in math, science, and somewhat English courses, but I have talents in other areas such as singing and songwriting, and if school doesn’t work out I can take up working with my talents and making a career out of what I am naturally gifted with.

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