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Ok lets just get this straight.Julian and Mia DO GO OUT OKAY and they kissed in the movies.Just cry me a river build me a bridge AND GET OVER IT I'm sorry but they go out now so please stop saying they don't.And btw just cause Mia's dating your ex doesn't give you permission to be a bitch about it.

congratulations. ik they do he told me last me last night, but he never physically asked her out yet dumb ass. even he told me he wasn't even sure if they went out. and honestly you've never had a serious relationship before like us. i'm going to be affected by this for a while so don't tell me what to fucking do and stay out of it. and i was never a bitch about it. i have nothing to do with the questions on my ask, it's questions other people asked me. so stay the fuck out of it.

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