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AsalamAlikum. Can you please share the best memories of Hilliya's birthday? Do you remember how she used to celebrate her birthday? What are things she used to enjoy the most?

She used to spend this day with her brother. Only last year was tje first time where she wasn't happy or never wanted to celebrate her own birthday. The only thing I cam say is that she was one of the purest humans to even come in my life and her existence will be missed for until I live. oleace Rwcote surah fateha for Hilliya Umair", Allah usko janat atta kare aur wo sakoon de jo usse ye dunia na de saki! ameen. ❤

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Hey rahab she’s in a better place I’m sure. Don’t worry everything’s going to be just fine. She’s in peace now and you should remember her in your good memories only. She won’t come back and you have to live with it just remember this she’s went back to Him, to Allah and Allah has better plans

Yeap. That is true. She'll be remembered in my prayers for sure.

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What is the last thing you do before bed?

Faraz Khan
I wonder. I wonder would it be better if I was there knowing things will end this way and still hoping. Hoping that life will sense or things will get better or bearable for her or for me. I wish i could be just there telling her that you'll survive, even if I knew she wont. I wish i could make her little more happier or loveable in her last days. I am sorry I couldn't be there present with you physically. Idk how i am supposed to live with it but I hope wherever you are , you are in peace. Peace that you could never found here in your life.

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