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What's your currently favorite show on TV?

the walking dead!

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who's your favorite otp in books ?


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If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be?

harry styles... louis tomlinson..........., maybe? this is so hard i have too many people i want autographs from.

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What are the three most important things for you to be happy?

books. my dog. . . . books.

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Are you afraid of the future?

yes, who isn't?

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If you could be invisible for a day, what would your do?

go to a bookstore and read all day long OR possibly stalk my crush.

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What is your favorite type of cereal?


I love the Kellogg Special K Vanilla Almond with VANILLA ALMOND MILK boom, i'm so cool

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Have you read My true love gave to me? Did you like it?

I haven't read that yet..... oops

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The Mortal Instruments vs The Infernal Devices? :)

THE INFERNAL DEVICES! I love TMI so much but TID was so good that it only needed 3 books, and still managed to break my heart

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Do you work well under pressure?


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Are you a good liar?

Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?

not my country hah but uhm England

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Aisle, middle, or window seat?

window seat

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Do you like tea of any kind? And if so what kinds? I'm looking for new flavors besides green tea

noo :( I very much dislike tea. the only yea I like would be flavored ICED TEA. like raspberry iced tea, I haven't tried a hot tea hat I like yet, I wish I did though.

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What does your aura look like?

black like my soul

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Is it more important to love or be loved?

to love, for sure.

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What is your relationship status?

forever single :)

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When do you feel the most comfortable?

When I'm in my room.

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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?


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Who do you think should be the next president?

Any Pohler :)

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What do you think of makeup?

It looks nice and would probably make me pretty but I'm too lazy and it breaks me out anyway, so, I don't use it at all.

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What is the last thing you forgot?

Idk, if I could remember I would tell you.

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If you had to change your first name, what name would you choose?

Alex(andra) because I was ALMOST named that. Kinda wish i was.

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How will you celebrate your next birthday?

With family and then at the book store with coffee. of course!

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What's your dream job?

Being a Mother, honestly. Sure I want to be an author or a publisher or English teacher, but I really want to be a Mom some day. Not soon, but some day.

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