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Is it easy or hard for you to make friends?

Is not about how easy is making friends .. should be about if they are your friends

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Is cheating a choice or a mistake?

Is a selection, nothing to do with the other person .. is all about the person who did it .

Last time your feelings got hurt?

Nothing should hurt , people’s behavior is nothing to do with others, how people act or say reflect how they feel. Not about the other person ! ⭐️

I had a bad day at work

Breathe, what counts is your reaction to the situation , peoples behaviors is nothing to do with you .. is about perception of them and for you is a situation and a choice of how you will react

I hope you feel better and gets stronger everyday. I only wish the best for you.

To get stronger some training need to be applied

I can’t stop crying I need to go into the hospital or psych unit. God!

All is gonna be ok , I promise! Take your time and choose to be happy when you are ready , hold on


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