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If KC were made into an actual anime, how many episodes would MHE be?

Mm, I'm really bad at estimating how much content gets divided up into different formats like that haha. I looked over the archive, maybe tenish episodes? Somewhere in there.

Would you believe when I started I was thinking MAYBE mhe would amount to like a three or four "episode" introductory story. Yikes.

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so which devil fruit did phin eat anyway

I thiiink I've answered this before?? Anyway p sure it's some useless strain of Sparklepunch

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Hi! I was wondering if it was possible to get a comments section on the extras gallery so I can post my garbage theories The stones are greed, steeped in black

haha sure, I'll see if I can remember how to turn those on

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Ok, time to ask the question, what are the chances of Dusk eating Eisse when she shows up?

Hey hey hey! Dusk isn't a BARBARIAN. He likely had a perfectly good strategic reason for eating a demigod alive; a struggling meal is a lot to deal with after all. If he's letting Rook think he cares about her then she's probably more useful to him if she's not-et-up.

so the odds are probably like 1 in 99

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Were the original crew just one really dysfunctional family? Or are they (apart from Crow and Raven) just family because they all carry parts of the same star?

The stars were a side effect of Crow fucking up and starting the apocalypse! So before that they were just what it says on the paper: a pair of brothers, a family friend (who eventually married one of the brothers), and a cousin.
I mean, AS PEOPLE they were probably pretty dysfunctional I guess, but they all got along real well before!

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In re Raven & Crow's family: Are we going to meet any Jackdaws, Jays, Magpies, Treepies, Choughs, or Nutcrackers? :-)

oooh yes

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If Raven and Crow are full brothers how come one is Slight and one is Gideon?

short answer: names work kinda weird in kc

actually informative answer: They either chose their names or were given new ones after a significant event in their development, pretty common for powerful people in this universe. They kept their original first names as Crow and Raven intentionally because they liked being known as each other's twin. Corvid names were a family tradition, which is why Raven named his daughter Rook.

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I'm not sure if this has ever been clarified, but are The Tain a collective entity? I know we say "they", but is that singular or plural in their case?

Ooh that's a good question. KC does use the singular "they" a lot for genderless deitythings, but in this case it /is/ actually referring to a collective. This is why they referred to themselves as "we" when we saw them talking on their own and through Phineas in the mines. The Tain is a negative to starstones' positive, and since they seem to share a hivemind it makes sense that Tain would too.

Being a lot more primitive the Tain hivemind is more unified though, and it's been established that they're only able to consume things outside of themselves rather than create anything new. So even though it IS technically a billion tiny entities generated new every time, different strains won't exhibit any new personality traits. The advantage is that they also share the same knowledge, so they never forget an encounter. They hold the most efficient grudges of any creature in Kidd Commandet, besides maybe Raven Slight.

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Have you watched Andromeda? If not SPOILERS The last 2 seasons are heavily based around the conflict between Trance Gemini, avatar of a star, and "The spirit of the abyss", basically a living shadow of chaos...

Oh dang i didn't get a notification for this! Sorry for the late response.

I've never heard of it but that sounds neat! The concepts of star people and Bad Shadows certainly aren't new but it's always fun to see what people do with them I think.

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Ulrich...more like OWLrich

where is the lie

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If Adult Phin had Little Phin's hair, how many feet would it stick out??

What kind of a name is Phineas anyway? A Phineas isn't even a bird!

Is too!! it's this one

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so, we know Phin has some demons in her past. post Commanding being a thing, is she inclined to cry/dissociate much in response to any badbrain times? i know i am so i was just curious ^^;


Phin usually gets angry before she gets sad, but crying by itself is a pretty regular occurrence for her. She and Brokenspectre are almost always in sync but she still experiences everything Enough For Two and it gets messy, positively and negatively both.

Commanders do have issues with like, feelings of physical dissociation, since they lack an inherent connection between their brain and body and soul. Tiny Phin responded to this with self harm because pain is a(n unhealthy) way to remember you have a real body, but Current Phin has made progress in shifting her need for stimulation in directions that don't involve chewing holes in her arms. She does swing a bit towards the hedonistic side now, which isn't always necessarily a good thing, but it's a step up from where she was.

So she does experience a considerable amount of brain weirdness! But she's lived with it long enough she's mostly figured out how to function, if not in TOTALLY healthy ways at least not overtly self-destructive ones.

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What is the Patreon pledge level for Aria as Phin & Lee as Ulrich cosplay photos ^_^

this is v cute <3

I'm not sure I'd make a good Phin, but Lee's been planning an Ulrich cosplay for a while now! We're commissioning a mask from a theater buddy when his schedule opens up and I'm really excited about it. I'll definitely be posting pictures of that at least~

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i noticed something on a reread last month. is Eisse gay/bi?


Bi is probably a safe assumption! I can understand being unclear though.

It was sort of mentioned wayyy back near the first chunk of the arc, when her dad was teasing her about possibly finding Phineas to be cute, but that particular bit is probably especially confusing. Usually I don't go back and fuck with old pages because I'd never get anything done, but I DID try and adjust that conversation because I realized later it might come off as Hazard being interested in Phin, instead of teasing his daughter about having a crush. It might still feel p awkward! Old clumsy writing from a less experienced maker, not much to be done about it oh well.

Eisse also seems to be in some sort of Thing with Ulrich, so yeah yes she falls into the category the huge majority of KC characters fall in which is Varying Degrees Of Not Straight.

As far as it goes I'm more confident in a lot of ways now than I was when I started posting kc, and after watching how other storytellers handle similar things I'm making more of an effort to quickly and explicitly state stuff like this and move on whenever it's feasible. People will find reasons to argue they're Not Gay, Actually and people will headcanon whatever they want no matter what I do, so I figure delicately hinting at shit and ultimately feeling unsatisfied myself isn't worth it.

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Do her pigeons have names? (inb4 answer is 'yes' and nothing more lmao) Merry christmas btw love the new Twitter header art

Of course they have names! One of them is called Swisshelm.

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!

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the pic of agatha & ulrich hanging out with her pigeons...are they bros i want them to be bros *_*

We'll have to wait and see!

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I downloaded a pic of Agatha earlier and named the file Mrs. Agatha Kidd

Congratulations you have now put more effort into naming one of my files than I have. also thank u for this nice thing

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Is any of your cast (excluding those who are already parents) interested in having kids?

Now that you bring it up I don't think any of the main folks are looking to start families. They're all too preoccupied with some other goal! I'm sure this common trait has nothing to do with my own intense disinterest in being a parent.

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i just realised i'm stupid. you named the toaster after agatha heterodyne didntcha

Sure did. I also thought the name was appropriate for other reasons, like how it can sort of growl when you say it.

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am i a bad person if i keep going back to the newest update to point at ray's face and laugh

Nah you're good bro, dude could stand to be laughed at a little

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what would the cast so far each have on an ice cream sundae

If they walked into one of those ice cream bar places:

Phineas would have a base of like cotton candy ice cream and then dump as many toppings on as would fit in the cup. Like a 1:5 ice cream/topping ratio. None of the flavors compliment each other and it's a big sticky mess. She dropped the ladle in the vat of chocolate sauce so no one else got any.

Ulrich made a very picturesque strawberry sundae, two scoops with strawberry slices on top, whipped cream and a cherry. Pissed he can't get any chocolate sauce.

Agatha has not had a chance to figure out what flavor she likes yet but she does like boba, and fills a tiny cup with them. The cashier is made too nervous by her mean face to question her.

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Was Kidd Phin's mother's surname or did they just make one up because they didn't know?

Can't answer that yet!

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If Phin is Jo's daughter did she hatch from an egg

she leapt fully formed from a supernova in a burst of giggles and sparkly pink viscera

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Is Phin gonna get her coat back soon? She's not the right colour without it.

I agree, I'm bout sick of this boring grey t-shirt let me tell you.

All she's gotta do is ask Hazard to give it back, he's a reasonable guy. It'll probably be like a two minute interaction, five minutes tops.

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