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🏋 Do you exercise? If so, how often and what types of exercises?

DangerouslyDelicious’s Profile PhotoDeryn
The extent of my exercise right now is walking across a hospital at least once a day

So what's your story? a) age b) birth place c) s*xual orientation d) relationship status e) maximum completed education level f) occupation g) favorite alcoholic drink h) # of kids i) # of past s*xual partners

High school

As a woman, what effect does a good bra and a low-cut top have on your self-esteem?

Doesn't really

a) Could you date someone who had 30 or more s3xual partners? b) Have you ever done it?

No clue if i have or not but if i was single that wouldnt really matter to me in the long run.

Did any of your other children have to stay in the NICU when they were born?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan A.
My youngest son did for a couple weeks up to his due date.
He had swollen nasal passages and a stomach issue that they never actually figured out.
She's a premie, so that's why she's in the NICU.

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Do your drink orange juice when sick?

I tend to but i try to keep it around the house and drink it regularly


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