Ask @LightsxOut:

What color do you wear most frequently?

Black. Like an emo kid *-* ... I'm starting to brighten my closet a little more hah

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Who do you talk to on the phone most often?

Hmm.. Who uses their phone anymore for talking? Lol, probably my two childhood friend from 6th grade. We 3-way like jr high kids almost every night haha :3

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What are you currently addicted to?

Left 4 Dead!! Hell yeah. I lost it, then discovered it again this year lol

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What was your first paying job?

McDonalds *-* lmaoo

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About Kayla Wright:

18, College Student.

Video Game Head. Pizza Lover. Living For The Moment, Loving Every Step Of The Way ( I'm Not A Hippie, Lol ) . Shy, But Loves Meeting Different People. Hit Me Up ^_^