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lila dont smoke. smoking will not help your stress that much. why dont u like go shopping, hang with friends, or like eat food or watch tv at home to be stress free.

I do all of that stuff but I have anxiety so I can't stick to one of those things for more than like half an hour
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Why do you even wanna smoke? Like of you want to die but a bullet through you're fucking head, smoking is one of the most painful ways to die

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why did you unactivate your acccount then reactivate it?

I *deactivated my account because
I reactivated it because I'm so bored
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if u smoke a lot how can u say ur not addicted ?

I smoke because I want to not because I need to
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Can you recommend anything to read?

Everyone should read harry potter 3749502749594040400202948828383848506060003918273662626 times
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haha i found it haha u are funny haha

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haha dont be shy haha

You must find this really funny you said "haha" in the beginning and end of the sentence

ok u are good if u meet a man has both of them what will u do ? conversation or just thinking about him?

The right answer is talking to him but the truth is I would just think about him

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Okay so I really love fun cereals because when I was little I wasn't allowed to eat them

give me a answer do u like looks like very nice guy?

Okay so I think you're asking if I value looks or personality more.
If you think someone is attractive and you like them that's not superficial because you have to be attracted to someone both physically and emotionally in order to have a healthy relationship.
Liking someone soley for looks is superficial.
So I guess both.
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wut was ur 1st and 2nd choice?

Beacon was my first but I hadn't realized how many wagner and esms people were applying
millennium was my second

was bard your first choice for hs?

It was my third but I'd rather go to it than my first and second

What's one of your favorite 'little things' to enjoy in life?

Ask.fm, your penis is one of the 'little things' to enjoy in life

Which celebrities do you suspect are really aliens walking amongst us?

I am 500% done with this website


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