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I just started Wordless and I can't stop reading. Tell Ms Sterling, she has a new fan. Truly addictive. Also Daily Grind just cracks me up. You have the weirdest and coolest family (including the squirrels).

Jeff Maddox

Thank you kindly, on Ms Sterling's behalf. She's very pleased you're enjoying it.

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I just finished your book Nameless and i was wondering if you plan on writing a book in Nico's point of view or his own book?

Asaneth Ruiz

I'm not. Nico is only ancillary to Cami's story, really.

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Hey. My name is Christina. I have read two of your books series such as "Dante Valentine" and "Strange Angels". I would really like to talk to you in the social. networks. Do not tell me where you can find, and if you can?


You can find links to all my social media channels at my website.

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I just finished reading Working for the Devil and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the back of the book, there are sneak peaks from three others, one of which is Valentine's Fall. I can't find this book anywhere. Was it renamed Dead Man Rising? If that's not the case, where can I find a copy? Thanks.

Rhonda Ray

Valentine's Fall was the original title for Dead Man Rising, waaaaaaay back when Working for the Devil was first published. You must have read one of the very first editions! It's nice to know they're still out there.

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I am re-reading Jealousy at the moment and found myself intrigued about Scarabus. Would you ever consider writing a short about him?

Brieanna Curnoe

I'm not sure. The djamphir only know most of what happened, not all. The true story is even more tragic, and I've never felt the urge to write it.

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Why does Japh call Abra Starak when he first enters her shop with Dante in the first book? What does it mean? Is it her name, or is it what she is, since Dante says that she could not figure out what species she was? Mj Munro

Maria Munro

Just because Dante doesn't know what Abra is doesn't mean Japh doesn't know.

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Hi, Lili! As an aspiring writer, I'm looking for an agent for the same genre you're in, namely dark fantasy/detective. Do you have any recommendations? I figure the worst you'll tell me is to pound sand %)

Robert Daniel Hammond

Google. Check out the listings at the SFWA, at Writer's Digest, look for literary agents online and read their blogs. Check the acknowledgements in the genres you think you're writing in, to see if agents are mentioned. Read agents' submission guidelines and follow them precisely.

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This is just really silly, but if Deadpool got in a fight with Nikolai, who would win and why?


I think Nikolai would hire Deadpool because he's effective. I further think Selene would be amused, and Nikolai would put up with Deadpool's mouth because of that. (He likes it when she smiles.)

I really think both Nik and Wade are too smart to tangle with each other.

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Firstly, im a big fan of Strange Angels, i have read it over & over 6+ times in the past 4 years. i was disappointed in the end, & recently found there isnt a 6th book but your explaination is good. Anyways, are any of your other books, or books from someone else, similar to S.A. Which are closest?

Kristi Jung

I think you might like the fairytale retellings. You can find them on my site under the "Books" tab:

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Hello , I'm Marta , and for a few minutes I'll have 18th birthday. I'm your huge fan . Therefore, please tell me the full name of Dru Anderson. That would be the best birthday present ever. Kisses from your loyal fan - Marta ♡


Hello, Marta, and happy eighteenth birthday.

I do know Dru's full name, and several fans have made guesses. (Some of them have even guessed correctly.) But I have not written Graves's eventual return yet, and when I do I am not sure I will publish it, either.

It is far more interesting to ask you what you think her full name is, and why. Any answer you come up with will be better than the one I can give.

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Why is Dante taller as a hedaira?


I'm not sure. It could be that the process to make a hedaira swifter, tougher, and stronger makes them taller as well.

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That's disappointing! Well, hope your other series do better, bye1

Leigh Sawyer

Thank you for your well wishes.

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Hi. I just saw your advice about finishing the book no matter what. Can I respectfully ask that you finish steelflower? I really really really would like to see the end. Usually I can't write my own ending to somthing that got canceled but Kaia & Driks world is to expansive for me. Please?

Jessica fix

I do not find this request "respectful" at all. If you read my blog regularly you know that the event which halted the Steelflower series was severe, ongoing e-piracy. The thing that killed Book 2 was someone torrenting the bits I had put on Patreon for my subscribers. Additionally, the small press kind enough to contract me to finish Steelflower 2 is going under, and cannot bring the book to print.

When I can open the Steelflower 2 file in my word processor without feeling physically ill from the emotional violation of that thievery to the point I retch, I may very well finish that zero draft. This does not mean I will make the choice to pursue publication of it.

Thank you for your love of Kaia and her crew. It was the actions of thieves that put an end to my ability to continue sharing her story. However upsetting you find this, you may rest assured I find it exponentially more so.

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Have you ended the Bannon and Clare series? If so, what a shame!

Leigh Sawyer

*I* did not end the series. It didn't sell well enough for the publisher to continue bringing it out. Originally, there were seven books planned.

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do you have an older brother? if so, you got any suggestions on how to get bros to back off, when they put you in a headlock?

Andrew S

I am not aware of having an older brother.

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what did Lucas do to be abandoned by Death?


That's simply the gossip Dante heard. It doesn't mean that's necessarily what happened.

If Lucas ever wants to star in a story, we may hear more about what made him what he is. So far, though, he is content not to speak.

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sorry, let me rephrase. As a writer, how do you construct the philosophical grounding (morals) of nonhuman species?


With imagination and logic. I ask the character "what do you want?" and "how are you prepared to get it?" and go from there. One gets rather startling answers when one asks nonhuman intelligences such things, as I think both biology and botany show.

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Addendum: Is morality universal?


I'm not quite sure why you're asking me this. A few comparative religion and philosophy classes would be a better place to take that question.

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Appropriate for a reader, actually. I ask regarding book 3, chapter 31, which stands to me as one of the places Japh breaks, rather than bends, moral dicta.


Each reader will have to decide that for themselves.

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Do you consider it appropriate to apply human morals to Japhrimel, given that he predates humanity?


Appropriate for whom? Dante, of course, knows his moral code is likely to be different, but she can't help but treat him as a human, with all that entails. I believe that's part of why he Fell for her. She's incapable of treating him as something inhuman, she holds him to the same stringent standard she holds herself to. One of the things about her as a character is that she absolutely does not hold anyone else to a different standard than she holds herself to, which is incredibly rare in any species.

Oddly, the people who understand Japhrimel's difference best have a little more distance from him--McKinley and Vann, for example, who have a long history with him and have learned to trust him implicitly. (Lucas simply doesn't care, since it's been established that even Lucifer couldn't kill him.) Tiens was once human, and he understands some of the differences very well.

Oddly, though the human who understands Japh most and best is Liana Spocarelli--Gabe's daughter. The fact that she's a Magi probably helps.

For me, writing Japhrimel entailed understanding his priorities and his own very specific and very strange moral and ethical codes. It was interesting to view him through Dante's eyes and see how she was blind to certain aspects of him and loved him anyway, in all her broken fierceness. I think he may well remain a mystery to her for a very long time, but eventually she may grow to trust him.

That is, however, another story.

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I just finished reading your Strange Angels series and I loved it! But at the end Graves asks Dru what Dru is short for again...but she doesn't tell him. I know it might be unimportant, but it's been bugging me, what's her full name? Did I miss it? And who do you ship her with? Graves or Christophe?


Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Dru will tell him when/if he comes back. Do I know? Yes. Will I say? Not until/unless I write that scene. You didn't miss it, it wasn't in those particular parts of the story.

I do not "ship" Dru with anyone. I am allergic to the idea that a teenage girl NEEDS to be in a relationship, even in fiction. Dru has grieving for her father and healing from the trauma of several near-death experiences to deal with, and a relationship with someone similarly traumatized (Graves) or someone with his own very deep problems to face (Christophe) seems like it would be an incredibly bad idea.

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I haven't read the other two after Nameless, so idk how much more we get to know about Cami's story... But I feel like we kind of got gyped in regards to her and Nico's romance. Basically is there any chance you would return to their story and enrich their relationship and her character?


NAMELESS was more about Cami finding her voice and her place in the world, and her relationship with her friends, than about her relationship with Nico. A fairytale prince is, after all, only secondary to the fairytale heroine's journey.

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Do you prefer to ask questions or answer them?


I prefer to listen.

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Have you read the part of Caesar where he's talking about the beasts of the Hercynian forest? (Commentaries on the Gallic Wars, book 6, chapter 25) Do you think Caesar was trolling his readers, or was it really inserted by someone else after the fact? I mean, SRSLY, unicorns??


Given what we know of psychology, and of the Roman (and Greek) conception of "other lands", I think it's quite possible someone glimpsed something, described it, and a more-educated Roman would immediately think of a Greek description of a fantastical beast. It COULD have been someone inserting it after the fact, for all we know, but it's also quite likely that someone expected to see fantastic beasts, saw something, and their brains filled in the rest.

Much like the experiment where a man entered a classroom and "stabbed" a student, who fell down. All the onlookers reported seeing a knife, but in reality, the "assailant" was carrying, of all things...

...a banana.

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What do you think it would be like to live life as a bird?

Nasty, cruel, brutish, and short. And full of gruesome things to eat, live high-tension wires, cats...really, it's best for me to remain on the ground.

Though I often dream of flying...

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