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Favorite clothing store??

the revolutionary facebook group “Buying and Selling for Women at Hopkins” LMAO

who at hopkins do u wish you’d been better friends with?

Morgan Ome! and hm Kyra Lesser! and Clarissa Chen because I follow her on spotify and love her taste in music 🙈 andddd Sophia Traintis who’s a freshman and I only knew through theater but is so sweet and thoughtful omg

What do u prefer to do when you are all freaked out ? 👻

I don’t understand the saucy ghost emoji, but uhhh it depends what sort of “freak out” I’m experiencing? like did someone just jump me in an alley? am I watching The Exorcist?? did I receive a strange letter from my lifelong stalker??? am I kidnapped and brought into an underground cult ritual??? in various cases, I would likely laugh hysterically, cry, run away, blast some angsty music, or all of the above

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What are your goals?

write something beautiful, touching, and authentic that brings people a sense of comfort and connection. and then share it with the world! write for a tv show. have a podcast. have a ted talk. travel the world.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?

weird means something different to everyone!!!! let’s say 8

If someone wants to talk to you , what are the steps they should proceed to reach your acceptance of giving them a portion of your time to listen to ?

haha awh there’s no steps!! if someone wants to talk to me they can just text/fb message and ask 😊 I might not be free for a call right at that moment, but I’m always willing to make a plan & set aside some time.

Who's your favorite band?

this is a question from ask.fm but imma answer anyways 🙃 it’s tough because the majority of my favorite artistis are solo, but: Vampire Weekend or Girlpool (for v different moods)

Are you a fan of pink {the singer} ???

hmmmm eh. I’m not /not/ a fan? but also not crazy about any of her music. though I always support daring, successful women.

What is your greatest success in your life?

!!!!! oh dear. might be a cop-out answer, but ~growing to be the person who I am today.~ I had to overcome a lot of complicated family situations, and I’m so proud of the patience and empathy I’ve grown. I think I’ve become an extremely loving, welcoming person who can talk to and accept nearly anybody, and I’m really really happy with that.

What are your favorite type of questions to be asked? Questions about your life? Ones that make you think? Just opinions?

HI FOLKS i’m back because i’m bored and there were so many to answer! 😱 so flattered by your curiosity ❤️☺️ hehe. as for this: a combination — questions that make me think *about* my life are probably my favorite, especially in a group where we all go around and share our thoughts. it’s fascinating for me to see how peoples’ backgrounds and experiences shape their perspectives. I also love talking in general about ~feelings~, relationships, music, movies. I like talking about what certain artwork means to us, how it might be correlated with significant memories throughout our lives. I LOVE talking about nostalgia/how we’ve changed over time. and I also love talking about our dreams or making up really fanciful scenarios about how I want my life to be in the future.
OK TL;DR: I LOVE SHARING STORIES. anecdotes, deep things, hilarious things. laughin and feelin at once. da bestttt

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So current outfit?

sweatpants (because my house is cold) and a tanktop lol why is this a curiosity

What's your ideal vacation?

hmMmmMm roaming/backpacking around europe staying in various hostels in which I bond with lots of interesting, freespirited people, then spontaneously going on new adventures along with them. live music and sleeping under the stars is involved. at some point we swim naked at a hot spring. maybe also shrooms. who can say

Do you get notifications on your phone or something when you get a question? Or are you just randomly checking this?

I’ve been just randomly clicking - v surprised people are still asking me questions 😂

I should probably find better things to do than ask you questions anonymously, but it's strangely entertaining. What's your favorite color to wear if you want to feel sexy?

happy 2 entertain u 🦋✌🏼🌗🌸🌲💋🙋🏻‍♀️💯💫 🤠 hahahha it totally depends on the ensemble but dark red/maroon or black

If you list your highschool crushes, what's the worst the could happen? They will either be flattered, or they won't see it

haha tbh I just didn’t really have any *significant* crushes. like somewhat michael markell in senior year but that’s it. and a dude in my summer program who didn’t go to csw. maybe other people fleetingly??

Do you think your parents picked the right first name for you?

yes!!!!!!! honestly I love my name so much

I get the quickly picking up where you left off with highschool friends.

yeah?? I am glad for you, my anonymous friend 🙃 I think it might also depend on how far away you go to school. and maybe how different you & your ol pals have become. because there’s definitely situations in which I’ve grown apart from people

Q is why are females shy to say they fart? I mean are you tbh?

haaa well. I suppose, because as women society instills in us an idea that we MUST be pleasant, clean, docile, and attractive in order to please a man. “femininity” is associated with good hygiene and composure, and farting doesn’t fit that mold. women don’t want to admit that, I think, because we’re scared of how men might judge us for it. there’s very high standards of perfection associated with proper femininity. but yeah personally I’m not shy to admit it. not a big deal. you’d figure out eventually.

Why does Yemen wanna block access to YouTube?

oh shit I don’t have the relevant knowledge to comment on that. but that’s both fascinating and concerning, so I’m currently google searching it up

Have you kept your friends from high-school now that you are back in DE?

some of them, yes! but the number of friends I had in hs has definitely pared down— it’s so tough to consistently keep up with each other when you spend all that time growing separately. but there’s certain people I’ve known since hs or even way earlier, where everything’s so natural, & we can always pick up right where we left off. and it’s like- we’ve been friends for so long that I know that’ll never change, even with distance or years between us ✨🍃🤗

Hey. What is up? I hope everything is great? Is it fine if I ask you a personal question please? I hope you won't mind. Thanks!

yeah, go for it!

that was way more than 1 attractiveness thing

ok ok well my friends would prob say my answer is “an artistic person” so 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I really feel that ~passion~ is the sexiest

What's the most attractive thing you find in a man.

passion & enthusiasm for life!!!!! open-mindedness, adventuresomeness, curiosity!! can be super goofy but also emotionally aware and empathetic, unafraid to shy away from serious topics. 🙃🙃🙃

Yoo someone on here is creepin. I’m gonna be nonsexual. Where would you like to be in 7 years?

lol ya verging on creepy but also flattering? I’m quite open and I really don’t mind. plus I legit remember sending weird ask.fm questions in hs. 😂 anyways hmmm... LA or in the midst of travels, meeting people, shooting docs. if I was in Amsterdam that’d be dope as fuck

This site was always fun. Glad you're brining it back. It just really let's people ask the hard hitting questions that society says we can't ask because it's not polite, or politically correct. What's your bra size?

hahhaha oh wow idk if I’d call that politically incorrect but def weird, man. 34c

How tall are you? Take a photo in full height

loool I mean my facebook pro pic is me in full height? I’m a lil shy of 5’8”

Where's home base as you wait for responses from those film companies? Or also asked as: Where are you?

da OG home base aka little ol’ Wilmington, Delaware! #getlit

What are you trying to do in Film? You should look into modeling

HAHHAA noooo 🙈 writing for television! comedy-drama stuff. but I also love documentaries so that’s my side-bar goal


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