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How do I get a follow from Luke?

Um well I got my follow from indirecting him. I only sent him like 6 tweets and then he followed me, but lately he has been also following from spam. If you indirect him make sure it's something clever and cute! Try to use song lyrics in your indirects/spam! Good luck :) sorry for the late reply btw!

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Well on Tuesday night I was coming back from Disneyland and I saw Ricky Dillon talking to fans but I didn't go up to him. Then Wednesday morning I saw Bethany Mota but she was leaving. On Thursday I came back from Disneyland at like 1 and went into the elevator to go up to my room and Sam Pottorff and Dustin Conrad walked in. 20 minutes later my brother and I went downstairs to meet up with our friend and we waited in the lobby for youtubers to come back to their rooms. Glozell ended up walking by and waving at us which was cool! Then Kian came down from the elevators and walked by us and into the hotels restaurant to have lunch with Lohanthony. Kian waved but Lohanthony ran away from the fans lol. Then we went up and down the elevators and ended up meeting Oli White and took a pic with him. We went back down and Connor Franta was walking towards us and into the elevators but he stopped for my group of friends and took pics with us then went upstairs so nobody else saw him haha. Then Trevor Moran walked into the hotel and a huge group of girls surrounded him but he would take pictures anyone but then I went up to him and showed him my camera and he took a picture with me! Then I was about to go back up to my hotel room with my brother until he saw Mahogany! She was by herself with no security and no fans around her so I ran up to her and asked her for a picture and she said of course! Then Friday morning when my family was leaving the hotel we walked over to the elevators. When they opened, there was Kian Lawley staring right at me! He was talking to Bethany so I didn't want to interrupt him or anything but I smiled at him and he smiled back and continued talking to Bethany. Bethany got off of the elevator with us but Kian went back up for some reason. So yeah that was my experience lol!

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