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If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?

Because some mistakes can make you lose something so important and it can be a once in a lifetime chance.

Do you really think love is blind?

I think it's not blind. It's just that you have already seen all their flaws but you still love them anyway. It's not about being blind. It's called acceptance and loving them for who they are.

Have you ever cheated on your beloved?

I'll never waste my time just to replace my precious gold with a stone

Say something.

if you're feelin' the vibe
Say somethin'
Baby don't be so shy
Say somethin'
Cause you're all in my head
Like oh oh oh oh yeah yeah 🎶

If the person you have been waiting for hasn't sent you a message for almost 24 hours yet you saw him online with matching online whatever hours ago, what would you do? What do you think would that mean?

BrianPaulStaAna’s Profile Photoaquarius012194
It can mean..
1. he/she is just busy
2. he/she is not in the mood to talk
3. he/she is lazy to reply
4. he/she is not interested talking to you
5. he/she is intentionally avoiding you
6. Sa dami ng nagchachat sakanya natabunan na yung chat mo
Hirap mag-ovethink noh?
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What was the last gift you gave someone?

A gift of friendship. Yieeee thanks partner/beshywap for a job well done this ITR Season. Huhu we made it! @lysaamaee 🎉
What was the last gift you gave someone
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What do you do when you start catching feelings? 😁😁😁

Bat mo kasi kinacatch hahaha char
Hmm. Try to confirm it first. Sometimes those feelings are just mere infatuation

Heeeeeeelp. my bestfriend confessed that he like me, I like him too but I don't want to lose our friendship. What should I do?

If you're brave enough then take the risk. Sabi nga nila, a lifetime might be waiting for the both of you.
But I tell you, you won't only lose one person if it didn't work. And trust me, the pain ain't funny at all

How will you react if your crush sits in front of you?

I'll act as if I'm not "kinikilig" inside at syempre susulyap sulyap from time to time hahahahahaha

Kung sino man ang mga makakareceive nito, I wish for your great happiness and good health for you and to your family. And if ever na may pinagdadaanan ka ngayon, please don't forget to smile. Nababawasan ng ngiti mo yung negativity ng problema and nakakagaan ito ng buhayyyy! Kaya mo yan!

Just when I read this shoutout I'm like "Woah ang astig naman ng timing neto". Just what i need at this moment. Thank you anon. Don't forget to smile too and Godbless :)

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