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Your life is so important and your so wanted and loved stay strong. I love u and keep ur head up and things will get better I'm here for u

So simple but gives me chills. I appreciate your time and energy. 😌

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My girl took me to a dog park, talkin about "Go play with yo friends" WTF 😭

Never let get get that comfortable mouthing off

I work at a grocery store and this guy I work with is cute but he has a gf what should I do?

Make whatever decision you can life with and sleep well with.

I'm not going to claim I'm "the one" for you, but we had chemistry and were compatible.

I’ve never loved.

I’ll always love u M and you know my socials if u ever want to come back. I’ll always be there for u. I’m sorry bout what happened.

Lol I’m W

Tbh whoever keeps trying to tell you off needs to tell you to your face because their big weird for doing it anonymously

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.


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