Ask @limxingzhijoel:

Hi Joel, huge supporter of your work here. Any more shoots that you're going to upload anytime soon? Would like to see more of your photography work.

Hello! Wow haha. Really sorry for the late reply I kind of forgot the existence of this account heh. Thank you so much though! I really appreciate it; you're very kind! Hmm, since uni started I've barely had the time to do new shoots as often I have back then, although I do have alot of random shoots that I did in the past that have yet to be uploaded so I'll probably be slowly and gradually uploading them, like I have been doing so! Haha. I usually put them up on Facebook or Instagram or on my blog (or all three) so perhaps you can take a look at them there! Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write this and really sorry that I took this long to reply!

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