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tbh we've known each other since 4th grade and we were super close but then i switched schools and we didnt really talk that much anymore:( but your super sweet and gorgeous! i swear you always make me laugh harder than i ever had when we talk lol! we have so many good and crazy memories its unreal!

I love you

for each liker tell them something you have always wanted to tell them

SIKE nobody wants to hear the bad things I have to say about them

will you pleassee post the science book pages for chapter 5.2 please oh and also your really pretty!(:

Who is this?

Tbh you are so gorgeous! We used to be like childhood friends lol but you seem so sweet! :)

Thank you and yeah we were haha(:

tbh u are in my religion group (so I will c u today aha) and u r super pretty and nice!! I heard that u r a good soccer player & I really hope to get u more!! :)

Haha thank you and yes same(:

So you are saying that I used 2 hands and made you fall to the floor 4 times this year?

No actually that is not what i said

Did u do anything to him or something?

Avery Tillery
nope nothing at all he just got my number and kik and messaged/texted me all the time and I never responded so i guess he got mad

Del Toro?

love her we always do homework together and shes one of my best friends and is a great person to be around(: shes always there for me and its really each to talk to her

Thoughts on ty okada?:)

haha i always end up 3rd wheeling with him and brooke(: but we have been hanging out recently and you are really fun to to be around and super nice (:

You were in the halls and you ran your stuff into me. U didnt say sry soooo

I don't think you "accidentally" ran into me and pushed me over 4 times this year(:


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