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What's something every teen should know?

you are perfect no matter what anyone says. you were born to be you. it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, it matters what you think. not everyone is gonna stick around. be who you want and if people can't accept you for being who you are then they're a waste of your time. i remember when we were little, and we could play outside all day, we didn't care what we looked like. we would look in a mirror and say "oh there's me!" instead of "oh.. there's me." we could be covered in dirt and not care at all. we made friends with anyone. now all we can think about is being popular or being the prettiest. and before you say "society is so judgmental" remember you're a part of this society. i wish everyone could see people for who they really are. it doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, atheist, christian, buddhist, black, or white. we are all human and were all going to have to put up with each other so might as well enjoy it. this life was given to us for a reason. the chance of you being born is like two million people rolling a trillion sided dice and all landing on the same number. you were meant to be here. no one deserves to feel like they don't belong on this earth. people actually physically cut themselves open because they think they aren't good enough. before you even think about saying something rude remember that you have no idea what that person is going through. it doesn't matter how much you hate them or how much they hate you, you NEVER tell anyone to kill themselves. everyone is gorgeous and i just wish that they could see it. ❤️

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Lmao I was scrolling around on ask and I saw that question but yeah how do you do your bio like that on ig? How do you make it space out ? :/

go to instagram.com/lindsey.turner then copy and paste the spaces in my bio
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