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What’s the best way to learn a new language?

the best way is learn from friend. Bc I used to learn bhs sabah with fahmie hhe :]
And I know just a lil bit of it. NOT MUCH lol

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just asking...i like 2 stalk others...coz u r not post bout him anymore...just curious 2 know about your love story..why don't u update your blog???

Naaah, if you are my friend. You should text me kay.:)

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r u still with ikrammahasin???

We're hving a short break. Who r you?

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What is the craziest thing you have ever done for money?

craziest thing? urghhh everything especially food, clothes and anything in white :D

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What is the most stressful job?

umm, stressful? be a parents of us :)

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Who are the people you spend the most time with?

family, ofcourse. and him :)

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