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What are your top 5 favorite meals?

Fried chicken mac n cheese and collard greens, Lasagna beef and broccoli over rice. Smothered pork chops with onion gravy potatoes and spinach

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Hey Mothers, is post-partum depression real or made up condition?😳🤔_~~~From a suffering new dad. Thought 💭?

It's real. A lot of women have committed suicide

I know u hate me, but I never intended 2 make u angry, and didnt know I ever did until recently. I thought I could act out verbally because u hurt me, but I was wrong. I understand why u do and its ok. I wish u didnt, because Im in love with u, but thats life. I’ll never do anything to anger u again

Hate is such a harsh wrong. I don't hate you. I would say disappointed because I thought you was different. I deserve much more that you can give me. Be well and hopefully one day you will find someone because no matter how much I have done for and with you didnt appreciate it.

If the person you’re thinking about text you right now would you respond?

I wouldn't cause he ain't shit.

Who or what would you blame for someone’s hatred and bitterness personality.

Never bitter so no blame

Thanks for adding your personal issues to my life..

Your life was already full of issues. Bye Next

Is your partner supposed to make you feel bad all the time?

Not at all. Know your worth. Get out while you can.

Does my guy friend like me since he wants to spend time with me? 😌

Yes.. He is trying to spend time with you. That's a good thing.

If there is one thing that makes you smile instantly, what is it?

Thinking about how far I have come in life and thankful that I dont look like what I been through.

Why are some women afraid to leave abusive relationships?

I think a fear of being alone so they will stay in that unhealthy relationship. Me personally I would leave no one deserve to be treated that way.

Are you truly happy with all the decisions you’ve made throughout life..?

No I regret one for sure

You don't have a personal life... therefore, you are constantly sitting in the ask!

I work.. what are you talking about.


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