Ask @listography9:

Hi Amanda, I saw that you took HP8006 Psychology of crisis stress management before on a google search. Any tips for the exam and how to study for it? There are no past papers put up so it's quite tricky to study for it and there seems to be a lot of content.Any advice appreciated

Hey there! I'm taking it this semester so I don't really have any tips for you :( sorry.. But I gather from other classes that have open book tests that the questions tend to be more application based than factual? Maybe you can work towards that!

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hi! if you don't mind, how dyou edit your Instagram photos? like the exact routine, including filters and the level (like +5 or +12) I love your photos and I look up to you and your photog skills so much you have no idea! please have a good day ahead! 💖

Hey aw thanks xx. I don't really have a specific editing routine I can share with you because it varies it each pic. But usually I'll up my brightness and add the filter Russ from Afterlight

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