This girl right here is the girl who helped me a lot, there aren't words to describe her she's perfect. It's impossible to say how much i love her, i could say it 73828371389174163628482 times and it still wouldn't be enough. She won my heart, i still don't know what did i do to deserve her, there should be a lot more people like her in this shitty world. If someone hurt her imma beat yo ass get it? You're so kind and brave and sometimes i can't belive how you exist damn i'd do everything for you and i mean it. It feels like yesterday when we met eehh and you are still that cute little innocent nutella lover, you didn't change a little and i love that about you. You deserve nothing but the best you know? You deserve to wake up with the smile on your cute face every morning and you deserve to be happy. We can went from having a deep convo to laughing like we are crazy *smh who knows maybe we are* at something stupid and dumb real quick. We had our ups and downs but now we are stronger than ever, aren't we? I can't thank you enough for being there for me when i needed you, for always making me laugh and smile and for not leaving me. You're my weirdo, jerk, bisj, ifiot you're mine and no one is gonna change that ♡ i love you Chan ♡
P.s this is second time im writin bcs i deleted it first time :c
-Your loser 💕

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suzy sheep@lovcless
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