I love you so much yk? It's crazy how can you made my day by just saying a simply "hello" or "hi" . I just wanna write you a cute message because first, i feel like you're not feeling good like you seem down babygirl, and second it's 13/03 today so yay 1 year and 7 months ❤ no matter what time it is and you're not feeling okay just text me, tell me how you feel cuz i would never judge you or smth like that i hope you know that. Maybe i'm saying the same things always when i try to be cute and nice like this and i know its kind of boring but whoops i just have to remind you that you are beautiful. I love how your mind works, i love how you'd change the topic sometimes just because i say smth stupid nd make you 'uncomfortable' , your stupid jokes and even tho my jokes are worse and like really awful you'd still laugh at them, how you annoy me with the moon emoji, how you try and always be there for me when i feel like shit, i love when you fangirl (fandjab) about dolan twins or some other people nd ect i could go like this forever. I'm so thankful to have you in my life, you're such an amazing person bisj. I was just looking thru screenshots and i found the opinion you wrote about me back thn when we weren't dating, the "i love you i hate you" thing and so much more of them. You're seriously the first thing that comes on my mind when i wake up nd the last when i fll asleep (i know its cliché but its true). Thank you for all these memories and i hope we'll make more of them.
I really fucking love you. ❤

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