I always dream bout yoi❤

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haii ITS FINALLY YOUR BIRTHDAY CJSBFUSNWNDU 🙂 okay so first i love yoi duh, i hope todays gonna be one of the best days in this year and that you get to celebrate how you want it and with the people you love. Idunno what to say rn cisndjsh its like my brain is still sleeping 💀 anywaysss its your 18th birhtday i cnt belive wtf. I feel like since you've come in my life its like i got blessed istg youre a blessin to me and you make, not just me but other people happy. Everyone's so damn lucky to have someone like you in thier life. It amazes me how you understand everythin i say and how you are always there to make me feel better. I hope the smile on your face wont fade away (i feel like this sucks and that half of it doesnt make sense ok dont judge me im sleepy). And fr the last thing, happy birthday babygirl i love you ❤

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