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I can't stop smiling like an idiot and the question is why? Bcs i couldn't pick someone better than you, bcs u always bring me happiness, bcs u always cheer me up and bisj you're the best thing that happen to me 💕 I miss you soo muchh :( time zones suck ._. 😂 You're so cute and swweeeet and beautiful like cjscjdnidbx 😭😂❤ You should stop using creepy emoji aka moon emoji bcs it's scary and i don't like it ☺😂 i have never met someone who loves nutella like you 😂 I'm so so glad that i have a girl like you in my life 💕 Mah bisj, mah ifiot, mah jerk, mah loser yanno i hate you more than everything on this world okie? Okie ❤ I tried my best in this 😂 Happy one month baby girl 💖
P.S i don't like the colour of ur ask idek why😂
-Your bisj ☁

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17 years ago a hoe was born and her name was Skylar Hassan (Malik) 😊. Happy birthday Skyó!! I hope you enjoy your special day. You're turning 17 wtf😭😭❤️. Anyways,thank you for everything. For being there for me. For making me smile,laugh,cry,or all three at once 😂. I love how we both love these two emojis sm 🌚🌝. I know you have been in a bad mood sometimes but yk stay strong and whoever does something to hurt you,lmao they will probably regret what they did to you in a few seconds🙃😂. Okayyy, eat alotta cake today🎂. You are my best frand and the sahar to my kelsey💙. Tbfh I can't see a 🌍 without you. When zen has a tour,we need to go to his concerts and maybe hopefully meet him?? I hope all your wishes and dreams comes true. Keep slaying ♕ . I'm so glad I have you in my life,because I would've been lost rn rn😭😂. I LOVE YOU SM HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLDIE💙 @Skylar_VM

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