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Ever been to CA or FL? Did you like it ??

I'm currently in FL ! It's good but I wouldn't live here!

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wouldn't you find it a little weird when your friend posts on their insta and snap but never texts you back??...what does that mean

Most likely they don't want to be friends with you anymore. Drop them asap

Anyone with cats! Serious question... Is getting a male and female cat fixed, a good thing to do... Like will that hurt their health? The vet will obviously say it's fine.

No it will not do anything to their health, it will stop the male cat from getting another feline pregnant and it stops him from spraying. And the female cat it will stop her from getting pregnant too

Who else imagines scenarios in their head of things that would never happen but uses that as a comforting thing?

I do!!

What feeling do you always avoid? What makes you afraid to feel it?

I always avoid anger or love because of my past

If a girl moved on and she block you on Twitter and kept you on request on Instagram that’s her letting you know she’s not interested correct?

That is correct

All insecurities aside, what is something you really like about yourself?

Definitely my butt😂😂

What is the best way to say goodbye?

Tell them how you feel and tell them that you think it would be best if y'all broke up but if your Inna toxic or abusive relationship please get out as soon as you can, find somewhere to go and get a new number and don't answer any calls from them or texts

Where is the absolute best place to live, in terms of happiness?

I'm not sure, but anywhere would be fine if I'm with the love of my life

What are some things you had to unlearn in life?

To stop taking shit from people and to not keep toxic friends/relationships that aren't worth it

I am trans......I think, I'm only 15. Am I too young to be trans??? No...is it because everyone is being ftm that I want to be??

It doesn't matter your age! It's your life and your choice, don't take anyone's shit for it

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