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Are you the clingy type?

Nope, i like having my own space. I'm alright with seeing someone once a week. It makes room for me to miss that person.

Do you consider yourself a very romantic person? Or don't you like romanticism?

I don't think I'm that very romantic but i try lol.

What’s the most romantic thing somebody has done for you?

He basically surprised me with going to a cat cafe because i love cats :(.

how do you handle conflict

I usually just stone wall or be passive towards the person I'm dealing with . This is something I'm working on because it's an ineffective way to communicate your feelings .

Are you boring?

Nah not really. I'm an easy going person and i say the wildest things just to get a reaction out of people I'm close with .

When someone it's into you do you know ?

When they make an effort to be in your life . Their intentions are genuine. Eyes can't lie trust me on that .

Do you ever miss any of your exes?

I don't miss him but i wish there was closure since we both practically ghosted each other .

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