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What traits from your mother do you not want to have?

that’s the problem, i would’ve loved to inherit all of them.
my mom was perfect in all the right ways and to be like her would be wonderful, but at the same time i know i am nothing like her (minus a few personality quirks) and truthfully, i feel that everyone is expecting me to be like her and it gets overwhelming and terrifying cuz idk if i will ever fill those shoes.

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Do you think its unfair if parents let 1 child go have fun with friends or go on vacation but other child asks and its a nope? that always happened to me because i was not the oldest

unless the child is grounded for some reason, really young, or sick, yeah, it’s pretty unfair to exclude them from going out and having fun.
i know someone like that who never wants to allow their son to go do fun things with his aunt and all his cousins simply cuz she just wants him to stay home and be miserable like she is.

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Do you think its wrong to punish all kids if 1 only deserves it? because when i was a kid if 1 deserved it then all still suffered

yeah, that’s crappy. just cuz one child is guilty of doing something it doesn’t mean the rest of them should suffer for one child’s disobedience.
that would be like me punishing lilah for her sister doing something on her own free will or vise versa.
it’s unfair.

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No lol i meant rest of your kids--

well, i only have one other child and your question was definitely worded in reference to other people’s children so might want to work on to avoid confusion in the future 👌🏻
she’s still a baby so how i raise her sister is not at all the same cuz there’s totally different personalities at play on top of one still learning her own emotions as well as communicating.
once old enough, i always plan to treat and discipline my children just as the same but with cheyenne since she is the more rambunctious child, she requires much more assertiveness and redirection that lilah didn’t need at that age.

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