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honestly, it is sad that @xoxo_t1093 had to steal her two " best friends " idea of opening a business and couldn't come up with something to do on her own. i hope her business fails.

so you’re saying only one person can be responsible for one type of business all over the entire world regardless of the high demand cuz you thinks it’s “copying” ?

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Recently, Prince Phillip was involved in a car collision. He is 97 years old. Do you believe there should be an age ban on driving? How about specific age retests?

i think once you reach the age where you’re eligible for retirement for lack of a better word, you should have to retake your driving test altogether instead of just being able to renew your license, to refresh your memory about the safety of the road especially with updated road construction constantly being a thing.
i believe everything should be tested from memory to eyesight to hand control and many other things.
if you’re under any heavy medications that can impair your judgment that’s imperative to your health, that should be an obvious sign that your license should be revoked indefinitely.

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What has caused you to not believe in a God?

so once upon a time when i was a small child, my grandmothers boyfriend died in a car accident. i saw her pain and prayed for it to go away. it didn’t so not completely taking in the fact that i didn’t know the actual impact grief can put on a person, i took that as an automatic okay to stop believing in anything.
i became incredibly bitter about religion altogether and towards anyone with any religious beliefs.
then when my mom passed, i sat in my grandmothers garden with her ashes and listened to the wind chimes (they’re significant to us) and prayed. i opened my mind and heart for my own grief, my own healing now that i was in a position to experience it myself.

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Shawnie thinks because she has cancer no one else can have it as bad. So just remember, even if you are tired, you arent as tired as her. Ever. Even if youve been at the hospital with your dying mom every night and your FOUR kids during the day since nov 2018 :)

okay but she’s not wrong and you’re reading way more into this and completely defeating the purpose of what you’re trying to preach.
my depression, my anxiety, and being a parent cause me to be physically and mentally exhausted a lot of the time, that’s my own battle but in no way could that compare to the physical and mental exhaustion of someone who for example, might have cancer while also raising two other small children.
it’s not a one size fit all kind of thing and it cannot be compared which is exactly what you’re trying to pitch a fit about trying to include yourself in her own frustration.
it would be no different than someone telling me they understood my pain of losing my mother to cancer cuz their dog got hit by a car.
you cannot compare your pain to someone else’s and roll with the punches assuming you know what someone is going through.
it’s not a “well my pain is worse than yours” kind of post. it’s just implying that you don’t know my pain till you experience it yourself cuz let’s be honest. being tired from doing everyday things that’s expected is nothing like being tired while your body is fighting to keep you as healthy and as alive as possible.

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Hard in what way do you mean?

she’s the polar opposite from her sister. she’s just a handful all around.
she’s the type of kid you hear horror stories about on overly dramatic movies about stressed out moms and their wild children.
i’m not joking by any means. she is incredibly rambunctious, adventurous, curious, hard headed.
i swear she’s a little boy in a little girls body. she is fearless but so dramatic at the same time.
she definitely keeps me on my toes.

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A parenting group I'm in say that food stamps should NOT be allowed to be used to purchase junk food of any sort... this turned into a heated debate. What's your thoughts? Should there be limits like this on foodstamps, why/why not?

i don’t think anyone should have any say so in the kind of food someone buys/eats. it’s edible. that’s all that matters. for example, food stamps doesn’t allow you to buy hot food which is ridiculous cuz a $4 rotisserie chicken can serve multiple purposes but cuz it’s cooked already so it’s off limits for ebt 🙄
a lot of people have this misconception about people who use food stamps and think if someone is using it to buy a soda or a candy bar, they’re automatically misusing its intentions and i can promise you most of that assistance bought affordable groceries in bulk for the month and that’s just left overs for a treat or a quick fix while on the run.

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