What traits from your mother do you not want to have?

that’s the problem, i would’ve loved to inherit all of them.
my mom was perfect in all the right ways and to be like her would be wonderful, but at the same time i know i am nothing like her (minus a few personality quirks) and truthfully, i feel that everyone is expecting me to be like her and it gets overwhelming and terrifying cuz idk if i will ever fill those shoes.

You can only be you <3

i’ve mentioned this feeling in the past to family and they always say that, but i feel like they’re lying at the same time.

What are the quirks?

-everyone says i have her mental strength (i believe that was later developed after everything).
-i do have the same ability as she did to say what’s on my mind regardless.
-have the same taste in things (i.e. music, home decor, clothes, etcetera).