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If you're not American, ignore this as Ask fm is broken. But here is my question in the uk are health care is free well sort of our taxes pay for our health care. Do you think America should do what the uk does with our health care


I been asking you weekly for months if you're pregnant. Why did you hide the answer behind $$$? I can't pay! (BTW, congraties. Took yall long enough!)

because i can. thanks.

Weird question feel free not to answer, do you keep track of when you have sex because of pregnancy reasons

i kept track prior to now for prevention and then eventually TTC reasons. i probably won’t during my pregnancy because it’s not really necessary.

Is Avory excited

she doesn’t know yet. not everyone we want to tell knows and avory can’t keep a secret to save her life. 😂

Would you rather have 20 Million pounds or dollars or whatever your currency is right now or get £1 or whatever your currency is every time you blink

if you got $1 every time you blinked for the rest of your life, it would be more than 20 million dollars so that’s the better option. unless you wanted the 20 million up front in case you died in the next couple years.

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Without looking what do you think is the rarest birthday date?

i don’t know but i feel like it’s probably a holiday.


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