Ask @livwebs:

Who's your best friend?

It was maddi but she has a new friend group and we don’t seem to hangout or clique anymore everything I do she thinks is weird and whenever theirs other people around she talks to them and basically ignores me so I stand their awkwardly. She just doesn’t seem interested in my life anymore. The past few months I stoped being the one to ask her to hangout so see if it was just me making an effort and she only asked once to hangout and the other times I asked. It’s sad but we aren’t how we were.

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What is one thing you regret having done or not done in your life?

I regret not saying how I feel at the time and I regret all the upsetting things me and my family have delt with bc of me. I try not to have regrets or think ab then I think you should learn and move on because it was ment to happen and you can’t change the past you can only change the future so why focus on something you can’t do anything about anymore.

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What qualities do you value the most in your friends?

If trust can go both ways between us, we don’t lie I would rather know the truth and get hurt then be going off something that’s fake and same for me too, that we get along (everyone buds heads everyone and then) has good vibes, isn’t toxic/actually cares, isn’t fake and is able to giggle with me/connect with me.

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