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No no no! Not in that way! I'll still stay the heck away from that disease believe me! I just said ''in love'' because she's 11/10 fulfilling my ideals and how I like 'em, Idek how she's characterwise which would ruin everything cuz that's the important part!:') It's more of a ''crushing'' than love

When I was about to answer this, you close your account ;(

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Speak up to him! (comes from me who fell in love with the one asian girl that's always on my busride home A H) No really, do if you can! I'll have to learn that too eventually in a few years 🤔

Oh dude, I see you already married to an Asian girl xD
WHAT CUTE YOUR STORY! ✨ René in love💖 woow xD.
I will do it, lately I have been surrounded by too many boys, of 1900 students, approximately only 300 of us are women xD.
Ahdjejciejdksjdis René in love💖🌚

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I definitely want to, it's just quite surreal that someone 'wants' to! Think you understood my last answer a bit wrong there xD Also relieving to hear you're not travelling alone and have someone along your side, sounds safe! (and calms me✨) as I've lived in Cologne for years, it isn't beautiful^^

I probably misunderstand your answer xD
Yes, my bf and I have almost the same plans, also we don't like to travel alone, it's not fun :(
What a disappointment to know that Cologne is not beautiful! ;-;

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I also won't have much of my holidays, be it summer, autumn and winter but it'll be fine aslong my plans will workout! ✨ You'll definitely get one! 🌹 Also how cool to get free icecream! :3 What do you mean ''Shortterm'' plans? 🤔 I'm still surprised that you wanna visit me, like... w h y? xD 🤷🏻

It seems that you don't want me to visit you ;(🤔 however, I definitely want to visit your city, it looks pretty and interesting, I also want to visit Cologne xD✨ I want to travel with a friend 🌚he wants to go to France first, but it would still be a very fun experience.💖

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Also it sounds really wholesome that you're working so much plus coming so far more and more! I don't know you good but I am really proud of you (really!) 💐 You deserve a hour-long hug (and lotta ice creamz! xD) also... are you working to visit me amongst other things? it do sound like it.. xD

Aww! Thanks💖
I've been working hard, this time I will not have holidays, but every sacrifice has something good in the end✨
Much ice cream, pls!💞 in my city there is a brand of ice cream that is very famous, they are my family so sometimes they give me free ice cream, I love the lemon flavor💘 they also have a melon, nut, coconut, strawberry, mango, guava taste and vanilla, they are delicious✨
Yes, I really want to visit you so it's in my short-term plans, well, I hope so xD🌺

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You worry me more if you just leave without a trace then to tell me! :( From what I've read this guy seems like a huge idiot with issues he's to incompetent to resolve, can't do more than advise you to be careful but aside from that, don't care about such poor developed ppl.! :'))

I'm sorry ;'( it won't happen again💖
He's in Mexico for the low cost of living, and the US government pays him for a "disability", he's bipolar, here in Mexico bipolarity is not considered a disability, so you can have a job like any other person, so I hope nothing bad happens, I will not pay attention. Ty!💞

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Oh my.. I started to really getting worried! But even nowI'm incredibly proud of you, believe me! 💖 So relieving and nice to hear you're well + getting your life really good together rt now - keep it up, floof! 🌹 Well ... apology accepted... but don't do that again! ;-; (a hug like that was needed!)

Well, I didn't want to worry you, but I also had to leave social networks for the guy I mentioned before, he's been harassing me, in fact I'm very scared, I think he's plotting something, I hope it's not a bad thing ;(
And thank you!💖 I have worked hard, so I hope to get a scholarship and visit you soon.💞
Much needed a hug like that💖🌚

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+1 answer in: “wherehaveyouBEEN ? 💖🌹”

wherehaveyouBEEN ? 💖🌹

I have been very busy with school :( but I'm very happy because I passed the two admission exams✨
From the first exam I was the third place of 300 students.✨
And from the second one I was the 40th of 6,000.✨
I'm so happy.💞
And I am preparing those things for my graduation, I got the first place in my grades.💯
I've been very busy, sorry if I forgot about you.💖
What about you? How have you been lately?🌚

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Una experiencia traumática que tengas?

Pepe Garza
Cuando tenía 6 años, en mi cuarto había una polilla, me molestaba mucho pues me volaba encima, hasta que llegue al punto de decirle a mi mamá que la matará, mi mamá la agarro y la guardó entre sus manos, se acercó y me la puso exactamente enfrente de mis ojos, le vi sus pequeños ojitos y antenas y agh, entre en shock y me tuvieron que internar. Quede en blanco.
Desde ese entonces le tengo una fuerte fobia a las polillas y a las mariposas, cada vez que veo una, empieza un pequeño documental sobre mariposas en mi mente, no me gustan, sin embargo no deseo que las maten cada vez que veo una.
Pero una experiencia realmente traumática ;(

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You have me as a friend, believe it! 💖 Yeah I already understand what you're reffering to! :D It's such a loveable (and hella expensive) hobby but I love bringing my machines to live! Also been fiddling around with lots of electronics around since very early age xD and working on my current model :3

Aww thanks!💖
Yes, it's an expensive hobby but it's worth it for those who really like that kind of thing.✨
Well, this sounds like there's a smart guy out there...🌚

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Aah! 😭 I rlly need to befriend a girl like this or atleast know a few as friends. It's a girl who owns an Evo and always posts about cars and stuff, she's awesome with her work (and quite sexy!) I love that field besides my interest in (rather) electtonics or PC stuff! (and no pervert pun *cough*)

Aww!💖 I would like to have friends like you ;(✨
About three or four years ago I was very interested in the construction of a PC, I helped my cousin with that kind of things and his problems with the "game motherboard"(? or some processor failures (Idk the exact name in English xD) but I want him to do that kind of thing again ;(
My knowledge about that is not enough.

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aaaAAHHH this is amazing! (and also hugely attractive xD) reminds me of a cargirl I follow who's also mexican xD No but really this is so cool, if you'll get into this later in life, I'll let you turbo my Supra! 💖 (no pervert pun intended!)

Yes!✨ I like it a lot, since I was a kid I was very interested in helping the mechanics when they fixed my dad's car, it was great.
Who is that cargirl?🤔
I felt that there was something perverted🌚 (Joke xD)

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