Also it sounds really wholesome that you're working so much plus coming so far more and more! I don't know you good but I am really proud of you (really!) 💐 You deserve a hour-long hug (and lotta ice creamz! xD) also... are you working to visit me amongst other things? it do sound like it.. xD

Aww! Thanks💖
I've been working hard, this time I will not have holidays, but every sacrifice has something good in the end✨
Much ice cream, pls!💞 in my city there is a brand of ice cream that is very famous, they are my family so sometimes they give me free ice cream, I love the lemon flavor💘 they also have a melon, nut, coconut, strawberry, mango, guava taste and vanilla, they are delicious✨
Yes, I really want to visit you so it's in my short-term plans, well, I hope so xD🌺