Ask @lizbethsarahijaramillo:

❀∿ ¿Tienes mascotas? ¿Hay algún animal que te gustaría tener? Pasate, ten lindo día/noche.

ᅝ Anny ❀
❀ Sí :)
Tengo un pequeño cotorrito/perico desde hace 7 años, es muy lindo, repite todo lo que escucha, aunque es muy ruidoso :'). Y de igual manera tengo un pajarito, no sé porque, pero el no hace nada.
En el futuro me gustaría tener un perro, aunque por el momento estoy bien así, no soy muy responsable cuando hablamos de mascotas xD. ❀
Lindo día 🌼

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aww glad to hear! tell her a ''happy Birthday'' from me xD I'm a bit confused thus resulting in thoughts I don't wanna deal with idk really yeah I'll keep up, either it ends how I'm used to it or it stays good! ✨ but you and your mom have a good day (evening) 🎉

Thank you!✨ Fighting bubble-chu!💖
Good night 🌸

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+1 answer in: “aw bubble-chu, haven't heard that in a longtime :')) well can't say I'm good but will do I guess, you stay good tho! 🌹”

Write a message to your friend that you only met online but hold a special place in your heart without mentioning his/her name.

Can it be for three people? Well...
🌸 This person is important to me because he reminds me of all the time I used to spend with my cousin, he's like the older brother I never had. Despite his age, he has the mind of a kid, but he has a particular way of thinking. He's funny, smart xD, cute and perverted, although I haven't had to know that side, I love him so much.💖
🌼 He was my first friend here, then he left me xD, but whatever, he's very important because he helps me when I have a difficult situation, sometimes he talks to me about some things about him and that fascinates me✨, sometimes he's a bit corny, but he's such a nice person with a good heart. Never change,silly.💞.
🌸 He's so cute, the cutest person I have ever seen, is sensitive and sometimes the words hurt him a lot, but he keeps smiling, he wants to kidnap a k-pop idol but that's in progress. He listens to me, advises me, he gets shy when I tell him he's very handsome and is adorable. Forgive me,friend💖.
They are very important to me, idk if they know it, but I love them all.💜

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