wherehaveyouBEEN ? 💖🌹

I have been very busy with school :( but I'm very happy because I passed the two admission exams✨
From the first exam I was the third place of 300 students.✨
And from the second one I was the 40th of 6,000.✨
I'm so happy.💞
And I am preparing those things for my graduation, I got the first place in my grades.💯
I've been very busy, sorry if I forgot about you.💖
What about you? How have you been lately?🌚

Oh my.. I started to really getting worried! But even nowI'm incredibly proud of you, believe me! 💖 So relieving and nice to hear you're well + getting your life really good together rt now - keep it up, floof! 🌹 Well ... apology accepted... but don't do that again! ;-; (a hug like that was needed!)

Well, I didn't want to worry you, but I also had to leave social networks for the guy I mentioned before, he's been harassing me, in fact I'm very scared, I think he's plotting something, I hope it's not a bad thing ;(
And thank you!💖 I have worked hard, so I hope to get a scholarship and visit you soon.💞
Much needed a hug like that💖🌚