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I only read your answer about that boy once and I already have a perfect image of him ... oof people like this are like bugs, poor you tho : Protip: Don't let yourself being harrassed by anyone ever! Flip 'em off, act cocky or just ignore 'em, works always like a charm<3 He also won't do shit! 🤷🏻

He was a nice guy until he started behaving like an asshole, sometimes I want to understand him ;(
Honestly, I didn't like him, I just liked him as a friend, and he never understood that. ;(
He is bipolar, so I already knew how he was going to behave, that was my mistake.
I tried to be arrogant, but it didn't work with him, and he became more angry and the situation worsened, but thanks for the advice, I hope that if I keep trying everything will be better.💖

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Have you ever dated a foreigner? If so, how was it and what nationality does he or she have? If not, would you like it?

Yes!✨ It wasn't a good relationship ;(
He's American, and to be honest, I must admit he's pretty handsome, the color of his eyes is blue, which I think I've never seen that kind of blue before✨ (Ik, very corny)
He's 24 years old, I am 17 xD (Ik, he's older) even though I don't think the problem was the age difference, the problem was that he's extremely jealous, manipulative, obsessive and aggressive ;(
What made the situation worse was that he was my neighbor, and literally lived next to my house, not anymore because my neighbors saw that he treated me badly and asked him to please leave, I couldn't go out with my friends because he got angry, and aggh just wanted to be 24/7 by my side. ;(
He doesn't understand what "I need time, I have to think" means.
One day he fractured his hand because he hit the post (I want to think he wanted to hit the post and not me) He was mad at me because I told him that his friend (who is my best friend too) and me went to eat.
The point is that it was a bad experience, and since I'm talking about him, if I disappear from it's probably because he has already kidnapped me xD (I take it as a joke, but also seriously ;n;) he walks around my house, he has been harassing me, he's crazy, I'm very afraid of him, helppp! ;(

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o m g! 😭 I love you, this song is perfect! (and sth. that goes in the direction I was searching for! Even sounds useful for a video I could feature it in :o) ahhh 🔥💗 musictaste is incredible important I just click rly good with ppl. if it's the same. Like me and my bestfriend we're 1:1 cuz of it 💯

Don't cry, pls xD.
Yeah, the song is perfect for many things, I hadn't realized that I met my best friend because of our musical tastes🤔 well you're right xD✨

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Is that so? 🌚 I adore ppl. with the same music taste, it's such an important personality trait I find for me :D Idk if you know the channel ''majestic casual'' (lovely music, really aesthetic artworks'n'backgrounds) the owner's also german!

I don't t care so much if someone has the same taste in music, but if someone has it, it's fantastic✨
Yes, I know it, I like it too ;)
Lately I've been listening to this song xD

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You listen to CloudKid's stuff? o.o I love the kind of music he uploads, also one of my well beloved genres! smol funfact: he's (or she's - I assume it's a guy) is german aswell! ✨ 🌚

Yes, I do. I love that music, it's also one of my favorite genres✨
I also assume that it's a guy but I didn't know that it's also German :o.
Thanks for the funfact✨🌚

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