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I remember this one chickadee on here would always throw shots at me said how Im pretending to be someone I'm not (referring to my bisexuality) but they pretended to be lesbian to get into certain chats on a game. But look at me now, still bisexual as h*ck. And just a reminder, whoever I date doesn't invalidate my sexuality ok thx yall for coming to my TED talk!!! ❤

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How to find true love?

Not sure, haven't found it yet. But best advice I can give you? As the words of my dear twin sis says, don't mistake loneliness for love. Never stay with someone just because you feel scared to be alone and that you don't want to have to go through the process of finding someone new. And I agree. She made me realize this yesterday because I was with someone who presented red flags again and again, and we would have these arguments about someone who I'm LITERALLY friends with, as well as guilt tripping me about how he spends money on me but I dont act a certain way. Usually my friend supports me as long as Im happy with who im with, but she knows me well enough why I wanted to stay with him besides the fact that I love him, and just had to tell me how she really felt. It was nice to find someone to put in the effort for once, it was a trainwreck to see how things slowly just got fuckes up and post-breakup his actions showed his true colors. (Only close friends know what went down). So please, while I don't know how to find true love. Remember to recognize red flags early. Whether you're into boys, girls, anyone across the spectrum, remember that money does not equal their love. No trust means no love. Someone using their loneliness to make you feel bad enough for them into staying with them is a way to manipulate you. Not only that but threatening to self-harm or binge drink or worse, just for wanting to hang out with a certain friend or if they force you to take their money, its not out of love. It is their way of hoarding you and trying to have control of you. Sometimes they don't even recognize it as them doing that, but just an important reminder. Overall, love is pain. But its not love anymore if it gets to that point where your significant other does or says things to make you feel bad, or to control you or make you stay with them.

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Who knows the most about you?

My best friend, who I been rocking with since high school. Our bond is unbreakable, love that bih 2 death😤🤙🏼 We been through so much shit together and I dont regret meeting someone as awesome as she is. Someone trustworthy, who is decisive and knows herself and admits when shes wrong. I'm proud to see how far we've come and just how many more years we can strive and prosper and grow to our best selves instead of being stuck in the same place and throwing shade like we still in high school or something 🤣 Cheers bih ❤❤❤

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