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I bet Julia is really mad that you invited him

why is this a problem to you? it isn't effecting you at all

Why did you invite Dom to your party? You probably didn't even talk to him cuz you guys aren't friends.

¿?¿? We are still friends

Why didn't you go with Julia? Aren't you guys still dating?

We are. but she went the night before and I couldn't go that night and she couldn't go on Friday with me

Do you think the fat girls should wear bikinis?

if they feel comfortable then it doenst matter what people wear

Do you think fat girls should go to jeff lake?

I think girls can do whatever they want, they should go whether they're bigger or smaller. It shouldn't matter, if they are comfortable them let them do whatever tf they want

Why do you still talk to Dom if you're dating someone?

I'm still allowed to be friends with him? and I don't even talk to him that much¿

Your mood can change from happy one second to pissed af the next. How the hell is Julia still dating you?

idk man


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