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Olay, just thought i should let you know about my opinion, not trying to be mean, i just wanted you to see a different opinion. I actually am friends with youu

ikik its okayy lol❤ i get it

Why r u people being aholes to Alexa. It doesn't concern u about her personal life n it doesn't matter what u think. So leave alone

thank you!❤ who are you

That was a different person, I dont hate you im just wondering though, if they respect you not to smoke or drink in front of you or blow it in your face and if they ask you if you want to once and then dont ask again like thats them being a good person to you. You should respect that, thats my opin


I dont see how you lose respect for people.. Good for them. They smoke. Their own choice, if they want to go ahead. Its none of my business what they do, and if they want to hurt themselves let them. It wont be your fault. If theyre good to you then why does it matter?

u have ur opinions i have mine

do uk people who drink and smoke?

yes. absolutly frickin discusting. i honostly wish they did do it. i hate it sm udek. i lost sm respect for people who do drink and smoke. its not attractive and it does u no good so please dont do it nmw. if ur doing it to relieve stress then either make sure ur over 21 or try something else besides cutting urself to reliever ur stress.
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who does barbs like?

didnt barbs say to text me if you want to know.. i think i said it 25 times. dont feel awkk im bored and need someone to talk to anyway


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