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I love to say my journey on here ends. No matter how much I wanna stay and make myself believe you all care (I mean some of y’all do) I just can’t fathom to stay, Ive been inching away from day by day and I can say I don’t miss being here. My job here is done, so I’m gonna be asking someone to change my pass to where you and I cannot remember the password. Coming on here just brings too much back to mind and I can’t do that. I’m finally happy. I lost myself on here and I’m glad I found myself while being gone. To the people I’ve met and stayed, thank you for everything I love you. To the people who done me wrong, I love you even if you can never forgive me cause of the bitterness in your heart and that’s okay not looking for you to accept. If you want to continue to communicate either gimme your snap or ig. Or iMessage. I can no longer stay here or try to force myself. It’s time. I’m 22 I should be living life not be stuck here like I’m 18 again. This is my goodbye... won’t leave until midnight but yeah I guess I should say this. And I am for real this time with the leaving. Ik I’ve said it before but it’s time I feel ready to leave. No more me spamming you. Haha.

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For someone who’s 22 you still look 12😩 I’ve been saying this since forever anyways regardless how long we’ve known each other I’ll always remember the first time we talked llamas😭😭 happy birthday baby love I hope you had a great day so far and the rest of your day gets better eat a lot and just-

They actually made llama emojis im dying 🦙🦙🦙🦙 and I still have hella love for you too :((

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