Would you rather explore a new planet, or the deepest parts of the ocean? Why?

Mmmmh that’s really hard probably a planet so I can talk shit about my planet with the E.Ts
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I am trans......I think, I'm only 15. Am I too young to be trans??? No...is it because everyone is being ftm that I want to be??

Definitely not you are never too young to be trans maybe for the surgery but never transitioning

Have you ever been called to school principal’s cabinet? If yes, for what?

NONEYA business but yes

Are you a person with cold hands and warm heart or person with warm hands and cold heart ? 😁

Warm hands and a cold heart I guess I don’t think I have a cold heart just straightforward

What can make my English and my accent better?

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Maybe work on the pronunciation of each letter and vowels. Or how certain letter placements affect how the word will sound.

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